20 May 2008

Rory Root (Comic Relief Bookstore)

Rory passed away yesterday. He was an amazingly friendly and generous person. He loved people and he loved comic books. He owned the best bookstore I've ever been to, Comic Relief in Berkeley.

If you've been there, you may have seen him sitting outside, greeting passersby and people coming in and out of the store. He loved talking to people about books, and he always had the perfect recommendation for you.

I once volunteered for the dubious honor of driving a 26-foot 13-ton Penske truck (which I had never driven before) 18 hours to San Diego Comic Con for him. There are very few people I would've done that for. ;)

There aren't enough people like him, and there aren't enough retailers like him, either. He was one of the best. This is a huge loss to those of us who knew him, and to the comics world in general. We'll miss him.

If you're in the area, stop by his shop. If you have any nice stories about Rory to tell, or if you just want to send your condolences, everyone at Comic Relief would be appreciative.



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